November 1st

In the State of New York, a wide variety of legal disputes may arise from ownership or use of real property in relation to other real property owned or used by neighbors, some of which may be difficult, nasty, or malicious. Although there are varying degrees of legal complexity associated with each kind of legal dispute that may arise between neighbors, it is generally advisable, before things turn nasty, to seek advice from professional legal counsel — licensed to practice law in the State of New York — with both knowledge and experience about the kinds of potential legal disputes that may arise between neighbors, including the following:

  • Land Use and Zoning Disputes
  • Nuisances and Spite Fences
  • Trespasses
  • Boundary Disputes
  • Encroachment Disputes
  • Water Boundary Disputes
  • Riparian Rights Disputes
  • Adverse Possession Disputes
  • Prescriptive Easement Disputes
  • License Disputes
  • Environmental Disputes
  • Right-of-Way or Easement Disputes
  • Covenants and Restrictions (“C&Rs”) Disputes
  • Lateral Support Disputes
  • Subjacent Support Disputes
  • Airspace Disputes
  • Scenic View Disputes
  • Fence Disputes
  • Tree Disputes

Each episode of “Negotiating, Neutralizing, and Nullifying Nasty Neighbors in New York” will address a specific kind of legal dispute that may arise between neighbors. Stayed tuned!


Kenneth Allen Brown ( is an experienced land use, real property, and commercial litigator, with over twenty-five years of experience. He focuses on the following areas of law in the State of New York: Boundary Disputes, Water Boundaries and Riparian Rights, Land Use and Zoning Litigation, Real Property Litigation, Easement Litigation, and Commercial Litigation, including Partnership, Corporate, and Limited Liability Company Disputes. He is available to consult with potential clients regarding disputes between neighbors in the State of New York.


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